Is Public Utilities a Good Career Path?

The public utility industry is an excellent career choice and can be very rewarding with lots of benefits and job opportunists make it a good career path.

Why is Public Utility important?

The public utility industry plays a major role in the economy by providing essential services to consumers and businesses.

Businesses and jobs are created by public utilities, which contribute to economic growth. Over 172,232 workers are employed in the electric sector of the public utility sector alone in the United States. The utility industry annually contributes billions of dollars in tax revenue to local governments.

Public Utilities provide essential services such as water, electricity, and gas, which are necessary for businesses to operate and for consumers to live their lives.

What comes under public utilities?

In general, public utilities provide essential services to the general public. Public utility service includes firms that supply electricity, gas, power, water, transportation, etc. They are all essential in the day-to-day lives of people.

What Are The Advantages Of Working In The Public Utilities Industry?

  • As a worker in the public utility sector, you enjoy high earnings opportunities compared to the average salary of other sectors.
  • Workers enjoy training to upgrade their knowledge.
  • It provides an excellent opportunity to promote greener energy and influence the use of greener products.
  • Working in the public utility industry also provides employees with international opportunities.
  • Public utilities’ job stability makes them an attractive industry to work in because there’s always an opportunity to work.

What Jobs are Public Service?

There are numerous job opportunities in the public utility industry. These include system engineers, wind turbine technicians, and transmission engineers. Let’s go over a few job details in the utility industry.

Public utility sub-sectors employed not less than 549,000 people in 2019, with an average salary of $82,171.


In the public utility industry, electricians are responsible for installing and maintaining wires and controlling electric devices. As well as operating and repairing these devices, they are also responsible for their maintenance.

A licensed electrician earns $4,048 monthly and $57,167 annually.

Gas Plant Operator

Keeping the gas distribution pressure in check is the responsibility of gas plant operators working in the public utility industry.
It is their responsibility to ensure the plant’s safety, maintain a separate storage area for the gasses, and ensure that the gasses are purified.

The average wage for gas plant operators is $6,539 per month and $78,468 annually.

Water Treatment Operator

An operator of a water treatment system is responsible for moving or treating water; this is done with the help of machines.

With the aid of computerized controls, they also monitor meter readings, operational conditions, and gauging of the water system.

Water treatment operator earns– $3,828 Monthly & $54,070 Annually

Network Manager

As a network manager, you oversee the network team in your industry and provide support for all the network subsystems and devices.

Additionally, they design and manage the industry’s network systems.

Network manager earns– $5,927 Monthly & $83,714 Annually.

Wind Turbine Technician

Technicians in the wind turbine industry are responsible for constructing and maintaining wind turbines.

Furthermore, they are responsible for identifying and fixing any turbine problems.

Wind turbine technician earns– $4,443 Monthly & $62,754 Annually.

Please visit here for more details on jobs in the Utility industry.

Requirements to Get a Job in the Utility Industry

  • If you are seeking a job in the Utility industry, the minimum requirement for employees is a bachelor’s degree in engineering.
  • Having a master’s degree can add a lot of value to your already impressive resume. Additionally, managers must have worked in utilities-related fields before.
  • Consider developing leadership skills such as time management, persuasive skills, creativity, ability to communicate clear messages and complex ideas in a form that anyone can understand, and strong charisma.


What Jobs Are Available in Public Utility?

Protective Service – These are jobs relating to enforcing the law and policies in the society.

Government Servants – From the social worker to city planners and environment caretakers, this is a public service job that is rewarding in nature.

Public School Educators – These cover jobs in the educational institutions and various government education organizations.

Community Helpers – Typically, these include jobs that are community focus, for example, homeless shelter management, disability services, immigrant support, etc.

What Jobs are Public Service?

Law enforcement officer
Animal control officer
Correctional officer
Transit authority
Social worker
Mental health therapist
Substance abuse counselor
Financial case worker
Developmental disabilities specialist
Public health nurse
Tribal affairs program manager
Head Start teacher
Classroom aid
Special education teacher
Preschool teacher
Middle school teacher
High school teacher
Homeless shelter manager
Domestic violence shelter advocate
Crisis line counselor
Food pantry/food bank/soup kitchen coordinator
Civil rights worker
Youth leader

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