How To Relocate And Study In Northern Cyprus Without An Agent

Are you afraid of migrating to Cyprus due to issues with agents and deceptions? In this article, I will share with you step by step process on how to relocate and study in Northern Cyprus without an agent with as low as $2,000 as a Nigerian Student.

At the end of this article, you will gain insight on how to study in Cyprus without paying an agent fee, without paying any commission to anyone, or an extra cost when migrating.

Choice of School

The first thing you should consider when moving to Cyprus to study is your choice of school. You should research the school you intend to attend, check if the school offers the course you want to study, and also find out the school’s fee structure.

Applying to schools in Cyprus is free, and most have a seamless application process. You can access most school and course information online.

Valid Documents

You must have valid documents before making plans to relocate and study in Northern Cyprus; this includes education and travels documents.

Travel Documents To Relocate And Study In Northern Cyprus As An International Student

International Passport – Before applying to any school, you must have a valid passport. Passport validity should not be lower than six months. It should not be lesser than that. 

In the next section, we look into the general requirements for Students who want to study in Cyprus from Nigeria, and these requirements also cover other international students.

Application Requirements For Undergraduates/Bachelor Programs In Northern Cyprus

  • High School Certificate – O and A level or equivalent
  • A passport copy (scanned)
  • Check the school website for additional specific requirements.

Application Requirements For Master’s Programs In Northern Cyprus

  • A high school certificate o and a level
  • A bachelor’s diploma
  • Bachelor’s transcript
  • A copy of your scanned passport
  • A curriculum vitae

Application Requirements For PHD Programs In Northern Cyprus

  • A master’s transcript with a detailed list of the courses you took
  • A curriculum vitae
  • Scanned passport copy
  • A thesis proposal of about 1-2 pages
  • English score certificate, if applicable

Admission Application Timeline

After submitting your application, typically, within seven days, your admission letter will be out. It’s a straightforward process. Then you have to pay an initial deposit of $1,000 or 1000 Euro. It depends on the school you are attending, how much the initial deposit fee is, and in what currency.

After making the payment, you will be issued an unconditional later. Next, you are ready to start packing your luggage to relocate and Study in Northern Cyprus

How To Apply For Admission In Northern Cyprus As A Nigerian Student

  1. Gather the required documents
  2. Apply and submit the necessary documents on the school’s official site
  3. Pay for the required tuition
  4. Apply for a Visa at the consulate or apply for Oktobaord, which is the most accessible means of moving to Northern Cyprus.

Relocating To Northern Cyprus From Nigeria

There are two ways or means you can use to migrate to Northern Cyprus. The first option is to get a VISA from the embassy to facilitate your travel, or instead use “OK TO BOARD,” which is stress-free and fast.

What is “OK TO BOARD”?

Turkey and TRNC have implemented an e-visa system called “Ok To Board” as an alternative to conventional transit and student visas.

It is now easier for international students who have been accepted into universities in Turkey or North Cyprus (TRNC) to travel across the country’s borders. This means you don’t need a conventional visa from your home embassy to travel to Cyprus.

Relocate and Study in Northern Cyprus : How To Get Ok To Board Service?

You don’t need to pass through the stress of going to an embassy to get a visa; with “OKtoBoard,” you can start the process of your flight visa and arrangements immediately after you’ve been accepted to study in Turkey or Northern Cyprus. Click here to start applying for oktoboard service

No Direct Flight

There is no direct flight from your home country to Northern Cyprus. You will have to transit from Turkey to Northern Cyprus.

Covid Test

Getting your Covid Test done before boarding any flight is mandatory, so be sure to get that done. 

You’ll need to generate Adapass before entering Cyprus. Click here to register for an AdaPass.

Then you also have to fill in your quarantine details because you’ll be quarantined. 

When you get to Cyprus, there are two ways to undergo the quarantine process: either you stay in the hotel to be quarantined or stay at home. And I think the best is to stay at home, which is the easiest and the cheapest. You will be at home for 14 days.


Accommodation is another factor you should consider before relocating to Cyprus. It would be best if you consider this when choosing your school. 

You have the option to stay in a dormitory. Information about dormitories and fees is found on the respective school sites. However, you can choose to live in a lodge (apartment). 

The downside of living in an apartment is that you will have to pay for all your bills, but in the dormitories, you make a one-time payment covering all your essential bills.

Since this article is about getting everything done without an agent, one of the best things you can do is talk to other students from your country that are currently schooling there. You can watch youtube videos and connect more with people schooling in Cyprus to understand better what to do.

Relocate and Study In Northern Cyprus: Conclusion

In conclusion, it is easy to get these done because Northern Cyprus has made travel and education requirements very flexible. While you can accomplish this with $2,000, do take into account the current global inflation which has also affected the cost of living in Northern Cyprus and prepare ahead financially. If this is not for you, consider our guide on the worst courses not to study in Nigeria and also the best courses you can study in Nigeria Don’t hesitate to make a move, Good luck.

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