Free Online Internships with Certificates 2022

When it comes to free online internships with certificates, there are a lot of great options out there. However, finding the right internship can be difficult, especially if you’re looking for something that offers a certificate. That’s where this post comes in. This post lists several reputable online internships that offer free online internships and certificates.

Who can Apply for Virtual Internships?

The eligibility requirements for online internships are completely unrestricted.

Students from all levels of education are welcome to participate in virtual internships, including both undergraduates and graduates.

Furthermore, non-students may apply if they meet the eligibility requirements

Free Online Internship Career Path/Interest

  • Accounting
  • Consulting
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Human Resource
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Personal Development
  • Professional Services
  • Public Health
  • Social Impact
  • Tech

List of Companies that offer Free Online Internships with Certificates

Many companies are now offering online internships as a viable alternative to traditional internship programs. These types of programs are becoming more common than ever before. You can take advantage of these opportunities, enroll in an online internship, and get certificates to endorse your training.

The majority of companies only accept internships that require you to work on-site.

Others, however, offer both physical and virtual internship opportunities.

Here are some companies that offer free online internships and certificates.

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Free Online Internships with Free Certificates 2022

Here is a list of some available internships you can do online.

  • Multi-field internships
    • Mode – Online
    • Duration – Internship specific
    • Training hours – Internship specific
    • Offered by – The Forage
    • Certification – Yes
  • Become proficient in 45 concepts encompassing 7 technologies + 1 Project
    • Duration – 1/10days or based on student preference
    • Training hours – 3 hrs per day
    • Offered by – Kaashiv infotech
    • Certification – Yes
  • Study and apply 70 to 400 concepts covering 9 technologies and 2 projects
    • Duration – 6days to 6Months
    • Training hours – 3 hrs per day
    • Offered by – Kaashiv infotech
    • Certification – Yes
  • Different Internships in Multiple Fields
    • Mode – Online
    • Duration – Internship specific
    • Training hours – Internship specific
    • Offered by – InsideSherpa/The Forage
    • Certification – Yes
  • Multi-field internships
    • Mode – Online
    • Duration – Internship specific
    • Training hours – Internship specific
    • Offered by – ybifoundation
    • Certification – Yes

Other Available Opportunities For Free Online Internship with Free Certificates:

MinterEllison Virtual Internship
KPMG Data Analytics Virtual Internship
Grant Thornton Audit Virtual Experience 
Monash University Juris Doctor Experience
Deloitte Tech Consulting Virtual Internship
Corrs Chambers Westgarth Virtual Internship
The new McCGrathNicol Virtual Experience.
The McGrathNicol Virtual Experience.
Intern at H2 Ventures Venture Capital.
Program for BCG Strategy Consulting virtual experiences.
Virtual Experience Program of the BCG Digital Transformation
Y Combinator – Learn how to work at a YC startup
Internship with JPMorgan Chase Software Engineering.
Corporate law experience with King & Wood Mallesons.Program
Sydney School of Entrepreneurship – Virtual Startup Internship Program      
Sydney Romantics Design, Streetwear & Branding Virtual Internship      
Arnold Bloch Leibler M&A Challenge Virtual Internship      
White & Case – The future of law is global – Virtual Experience Program

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What are the Benefits of the Free Online Virtual Internships?

There are several benefits to free online virtual internships. One of the main benefits of the free online virtual internships is that you don’t have to leave your current job and they are also very flexible. You can learn or work at your own pace and schedule.

Another big benefit of the free online virtual internships is that they allow students to gain experience in a variety of different fields. This gives students a chance to learn what it’s like to work in a variety of different industries. Students who participate in free online virtual internships also have a chance to get a better idea of what they want to do with their lives. Students can also learn how to interact with people from other cultures and learn about the world around them.

Free Online Internship Eligibility Criteria

No previous experience required
Required Languages: English.
Eligible Countries: All world countries
No academic restrictions
No age restrictions
Open to professionals, students, and graduates.

How do I Apply for Free Online Internships? with Certificates?

It is very easy than you might think. The main thing is to be prepared for the application process. You will need to complete an online form that will ask you for your resume or brief details of who you are. Once you have completed this form, you will be allowed to submit your application and stand a chance to be selected.

Do I have any uses for my Online Internship Certificate?

There is a misconception that online internships are a scam or a get-rich-quick scheme. This is simply not true. Online internships are one of the best ways to build up your resume while getting paid to learn. 

virtual certificates or certificates gotten from virtual training is as valid as the one you get from any physical training.

How Long Does a Virtual Internship Take

Depending on the duration of the program you can complete an internship within a few hours or in a couple of months. upon completion, you can receive your certificate immediately provided you have fulfilled the task assigned to you.

What are the requirements to join a free internship program with certificates?

You need a laptop and an internet connection to attend online internship programs. Additionally, you need to be committed to it.


In conclusion, you should know that some of the best and most prestigious companies in the world, including Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook, offer virtual internship programs. These programs allow students to work for these companies for free. Some of the best companies in the world even offer paid internships to students who can prove their merit.

You can visit the websites of the companies we referred to above to discover available online internship opportunities; simply click the link and you will soon be earning certificates for free.

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