IMB International PhD Program 2022 Germany

The IMB International PhD Program 2022 is the perfect way to start your studies in Germany.

If you are looking for a PhD program that is specifically designed to help students studying in Germany achieve their goals, IMB International has the right program for you.

In this article, we will explain this scholarship’s benefits and how to apply.

The IMB International PhD Program 2022-2023, is an all-expenses-paid opportunity for international students.

This program covers the cost of lodging and travel. 

The IMB PhD Program is a great place to explore your options for pursuing a PhD in Mainz, Germany. The program offers US and foreign students the opportunity to apply without any hassle.

The IMB PhD program offers a unique opportunity for international students to gain a doctorate in Doctor of Medicine from Mainz University. This program is designed for students who are looking to pursue a doctorship, and it offers an interesting perspective on the field of medicine.

The program’s projects target gene regulation, epigenetics, and genome stability issues. 

We are involved in a wide range of disciplines, including biochemistry, genetics, cell biology and development, bioinformatics, systems biology, and applied physics. 

We offer you the opportunity to investigate CRISPR/Cas, next-generation sequencing, gene network modeling, mass spectrometry, or super-resolution microscopy with us. 

The program is coordinated by the Institute of Molecular Biology, which was recently founded as a center of excellence in life sciences.

Among the additional organizations participating in the initiative are the following: 

Scholarship Summary

  • Courses Offered:
    • Biochemistry
    • Genetics
    • Systems biology
    • Applied physics
    • Cell and developmental biology
    • Bioinformatics
  • Level of Study: PhD
  • Institution(s): IMB
  • Study in: Mainz, Germany
  • Deadline: May 03, 2022 / November 26, 2021


Scholarship Coverage

IMB’s International PhD Program provides housing and travel expenses. 

Eligibility Criteria for IMB International Ph.D. Program

To be eligible for the IMB International PhD Program, the following prerequisites must be met: 

  • Information needed to apply for a job (click here to download an example) 
  • Required Language: English
  • Eligible Countries: All World Countries
  • Candidates must submit Details of their degrees (BSc, MSc).
  • Candidates must include information on any further post-graduate degrees, honors, or distinctions (description with a maximum of 250 words).
  • Candidates must include information on a research stay abroad during their studies (if any).
  • Candidates must submit details of past research experiences.
  • Provide a list of your publications, which should be submitted in PubMed format, no more than 300 words). You can also submit your contributions to conferences; all relevant information about the conference, such as title, date, location, should be included.
  • Indicate Which organizations you are interested in collaborating with; up to five may be chosen. Please keep in mind that not all organizations participate in every call. 
  • Candidates must submit a motivational statement describing their interest in the IPP and their scientific goals (maximum of 300 words).

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The following documents are required in PDF format:

  • High school certificate (if available).
  • University studies as far as completed.
  • CV (resume) (max size 3 MB). 
  • A single file (max size 4 MB) comprising credentials and transcripts.
  • Certificate of passing the English language proficiency test (not mandatory, only if available)).
A medical lab experiment
Photo by Chokniti Khongchum from Pexels

How to Apply for IMB International PhD Program?

Please follow the following instructions:

  • Register Online here.

Register online by providing your contact information and the contact information for at least two referrals.

Referees should be top scientists at a university or research institute, such as group leaders or professors.

These referees should be familiar with you. 

  • Online application form.

After you register, you will receive an e-mail containing a link to your online application form. The guide will ask you to provide the information and documents. Due to the fact that the form cannot be saved, we strongly suggest you gather all relevant information before you begin.

The application must be submitted in the English language. 

  • Interview days.

From the 24th to the 26th of June 2021, about 25–30 shortlisted students will be invited to Mainz for interviews. The interviews will take place over the course of three days and will include presentations as well as in-depth interviews. The IPP covers the costs of lodging and travel (including intercontinental travel).


For additional information, please visit the IMB International PhD Program’s official website: 


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