How to Stream on multiple platforms with OBS for free – 2022

Knowing how to stream on multiple platforms with obs for free is one of the best ways to grow your audience. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to stream on multiple platforms like Tiktok, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch for free!

Can OBS stream to multiple platforms?

Yes, OBS streams to multiple platforms and channels for free.

Download OBS to your PC

Download and install OBS on your PC or Mac. OBS is a Free and open-source software for video recording, screen capture and live streaming.

How to Stream on multiple platforms with OBS for free - 2022

To be able to stream on multiple platforms with obs you need to download the obs-multi-rtmp plugin published by SoraYuki.

obs multistream plugin page

There are two packages; a zip package for windows and a PKG file for Mac. Go ahead and download the package suitable for your computer.

OBS Multiple Stream RTMP Installation

Go ahead and run the installation by double-clicking the obs-multi-rtmp- setup.exe file. Ensure that you’re installing the plugin in the OBS directory on your computer. E.g – C:\ProgramData\obs-studio\plugins\obs-multi-rtmp

Head over to the View Menu on OBS and move to Docks; you’ll see Multiple Output from the drop-down menu; click on it to activate the Obs Multi-stream plugin. You can drag the window around and position it where you want.

activating the OBS RMTP plugin
Activating the OBS RMTP plugin

OBS Set-up for multiple streams

First, you need to set up your stream priority; Stream priority refers to your base destination setup, in my case it is Facebook. Head over to OBS settings and define your stream priority, every other channel/platform you’re streaming to will use your default priority stream as the base, and it’s going to add on to the bitrate.

OBS base stream settings
OBS base stream settings

Set up your stream output settings as required; bear in mind your system configuration and network strength.

In the video section, set your base canvas to the recommended resolution supported by the platform you are streaming on. The base resolution will be applied to all your stream output.

OBS base canvas settings
OBS base canvas settings

Head back to the obs multi-stream plugin window and click on Add new target and type the name of the destination

Add new target settings for obs multi stream
Add new target settings for obs multi-stream

OBS Stream to YouTube [multiple stream setup]

I am adding YouTube as my second destination.
Copy the YouTube stream key and URL from your YouTube live stream dashboard

Youtube Stream key settings for obs

Paste them correctly in the OBS multi-stream setting.

OBS Youtube settings
OBS YouTube settings

Under the video settings, I am using the default encoder setting “Get from OBS.” You can choose a different encoder setting depending on your PC configuration. Ideally, it’s better to get your encoder settings from OBS; this will help distribute your system resource evenly.

OBS Stream to Twitch [multiple stream setup]

Head over to your channel on Twitch and click on settings

Twitch Obs Settings
Twitch Obs Settings

Select Channel and Videos.

stream from OBS to Twitch settings
Twitch OBS settings

Click on stream and copy the stream key from the dashboard.

stream from OBS to Twitch settings
OBS Twitch settings

Head over here to copy the RMTP server closer to you.

Now you should have your Twitch stream key and RMPT server link pasted correctly. Remember to remove the enclosed {stream-key} keyword from the RMTP link as shown below.

OBS Twitch settings
OBS Twitch settings

Choose your correct encoder settings from video settings. I recommend “Get from OBS”, but you can set a different encoding resolution different from the base OBS resolution settings.

OBS Stream to Facebook [multiple stream setup]

We’ll follow the same process to stream to a second Facebook account or page. We’re assuming that you are streaming to more than one Facebook page/profile simultaneously; remember, we already set up Facebook as our default stream location.

Head over to your Facebook live.

Facebook live stream setup with obs
OBS Facebook Live Settings

Click on use stream key, copy your stream key and paste in the OBS Facebook stream setup. Don’t forget to add your Live stream title and description.

Facebook live stream setup with obs
OBS Facebook settings

Click on the advance settings tab on Facebook to reveal your server URL. Copy the URL and paste it into OBS.

Facebook live stream setup with obs
OBS Facebook settings
stream from OBS to facebook setup
OBS Facebook settings

Now you’re ready to live stream. First, click on start streaming on the main OBS streaming button; then, click the start button on the OBS multi-stream window to deliver your live stream to other platforms.

stream from OBS to facebook setup
OBS multi-stream setup

Bear in mind that each platform has a different way of kick-starting live streaming on its end. For example, you’ll have to head over to your Facebook account and click go live once it starts to receive the live signal, whereas YouTube will go live automatically once you click on the OBS multi-stream start button.

Streaming to TikTok from OBS

Tiktok stream key is a feature that TikTok enables on your account, which gives you the ability to go live from a computer, using a program such as OBS or streamLabs.

Viewers also have the option to view the live feed in full-screen. This option is at the bottom right of your stream. So your viewers can tap that. It turns the whole thing sideways, and they can turn their phone horizontal and have the whole stream here with chat on the right side.

Who qualifies for the Tiktok stream key?

The awesome part is you have the option to either stream vertically, so you could put your camera, your gameplay, and anything else you want in the bottom, or however you want to rearrange it and do it. Also, you can stream horizontally.

First, TikTok is very picky on who they give these stream keys. So you want to be the type of content creator that is not risky for TikTok to give a stream key to.

And what I mean by risky is you have to be in a position to take full advantage of the added benefits that the stream key offers, including being able to pre-record and stream videos, gameplays, engaging talk shows, etc.

So with that in mind, you have to remember that an actual human being is choosing whether or not to give you this feature and enable it on your account. 

Tips to qualify for TikTok Stream Key

First, you want to show them what your content or stream is all about. Posting lots of gaming clips and live streaming your monitor frequently will help secure your spot as the right candidate to receive the stream key feature on your account. 

Secondly, you need to have some followers. How many followers should you have to qualify for the TikTok stream key? There’s no benchmark for the number of followers. Ideally, you should have at least 10,000 followers.

In most cases that I’ve seen, a streamer with a TikTok stream key has thousands to hundreds of thousands of followers. But I’ve also seen people as low as 5,000 and way up to the millions with stream keys. I’ve also seen Tiktokers and streamers with millions of followers without a stream key.

So there’s no clear cut or reason for how many exact followers you should have, but I think Tiktok wants to see that you’ve established a brand. However, there would be an exception. 

Thirdly, you’ll need to post consistently, and I don’t mean five or six times a day, but you want to try to keep a consistent schedule, so when staff from TikTok comes to review your account, they’ll see some recent content that you’ve posted and that your account doesn’t seem inactive.

I would recommend that you post one to two times a day, every day, and make sure that all of your videos are on the same subject or basically in the same niche. Avoid posting random videos from different niches.

How to get the TikTok Stream Key

The most important key to getting the stream key is applying for it.

Streamlabs is a company that helps content creators and streamers enjoy advanced features on their streams, such as notifications, donations, and a bunch of other stuff for streamers.

Streamlabs and TikTok have some collaboration; you can apply for the TikTok stream key on the Streamlabs website. It’s a Google form. It doesn’t seem very literally. But I promise you it’s legit. 

Fill out this Google Form. It will require your TikTok username and a few other information about your account. Upon submission, the form gets to Tiktok, which will be reviewed manually, and the TikTok server URL and stream key will be activated in your account.

Before submitting that form, it would be very beneficial for you to meet the other requirements before TikTok comes and review your profile. So I’m saying you probably want to be in the gaming niche. You probably want to have built up a little bit of a following.

How to find stream key on TikTok?

Launch the TikTok camera and hit the live button at the bottom of the screen. 

So when we hit that, you can see that we’ve got some different options, and the options you might notice are right down here below the go-live button.

 to find stream key on TikTok

There are three options below the go-live button.

  1. Device Camera – The default way of going live on TikTok using your mobile device camera.
  2. Mobile Gaming – This option will cast the device screen. Anything displaying on the screen, including text messages and pops, will be cast and streamed live to viewers. For example, you can directly cast your gameplay on your mobile phone to your viewers, more on this later.
  3. Cast on PC/Mac – Tap here to open the window where you will fine the stream key and the server URL. You need to copy the stream key over to your streaming software.

How to stream from Obs to TikTok without a stream key

Lately, TikTok has been giving many people access to a new feature called mobile gaming, and it’s a streaming feature that allows you to stream directly from your phone screen and broadcast that over on TikTok live.

It is designed to use your phone and stream mobile games over to TickTok without having a stream key or any of that. 

In this example, I will be showing how to live stream Xbox gameplay directly to Tiktok. You need to have the X-Box app on your phone and log in with that same Xbox live account. 

So first things first, we’re going to go ahead and launch Tiktok. Once we have TikTok launched, we’ll go ahead and hit the plus button at the bottom.

Click the live button at the bottom. And then from here, you can see, we have the option to go use our device camera or mobile gaming.

live streaming gameplay from xbox to tiktok

We’re going to go ahead and use mobile gaming. Go ahead and click the go-live button. And from here, it will ask you if it’s able to start the broadcast.

stream from xbox to tiktok setup

After the countdown, TikTok will begin to live-stream whatever is displayed on your phone screen, including your messages, notifications, anything that pops up on your phone. 

Stream gameplay from XBox to TikTok

Now once we’re streaming on TikTok, what we’re going to do is go ahead and launch our X-Box app. We need to be logged in on the X-Box app with the same X-Box live account that we are logged in currently on X-Box. So make sure you’re logged in on your X-Box. Make sure you’re logged in, in your X-Box app.

stream from xbox to tiktok

And then go ahead and click this button at the top, right? That is to stream.

stream games from xbox to tiktok setup

Now from here, we’re going to go ahead and click remote play on this device, and then we’ll watch, and this will run for us. All right now, this will actually pop up on my phone. I’m just going to go ahead and click continue anyway.

stream games from xbox to tiktok setup
stream games from xbox to tiktok setup
live streaming gameplay from xbox to tiktok

And there you go, guys. We have an Xbox live stream coming directly from our console, live streaming directly to TikTok. And we are pretty much ready to go ahead and begin our gameplay.

If you’re playing, using a monitor or a TV, I highly recommend using headphones. So you’re not getting any kind of echo going back into your phone microphone, which will be used for your stream microphone.

And it’s just that simple, now you know how to stream on multiple platforms with OBS for free to your audience on different platforms; you can also follow these steps to live stream to different channels on the same platform, for example, different Facebook pages simultaneously.Be sure to drop a comment if it works for you and share this article to help others. 

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