Study Apps for A level and GCSE Students: 11 Free Educational Apps

As an A-Level Student, your topmost priority is to study and ace all your exams, but it is not easy to find time to study in today’s world.

When it comes to studying, these apps will make learning enjoyable. Whether you’re a GSCE or A-level student, these free study apps will help finetune your study habit.

Download Feyn | Study Apps for A-Level students and GCSE


The app is a fairly new flashcard application, unique for its drawing features that you don’t see in popular flashcard apps like Quizlet or inky. It combines drawing, writing, and spaced repetition, which comes in very handy in helping students memorize.

Visual learners will probably enjoy this a lot. And just people in general, who like to hand-write their flashcards instead of typing. Also, you can organize your flashcards by tags.

Fein is also available on the iPad, which would make it a lot easier to create flashcards since you have the pencil.

A nice feature is that they sync as well. So you can draw your flashcards on your iPad and review them later on your phone. Overall, this could be a pretty fun app for students to try out.

One of the best ways to prepare for exams is to revise and practice questions. 

Download Feyn

Download Gojimo | Study Apps for A-Level and GCSE students

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The Gojimo app contains over 40,000 practice questions. It is a great study Apps for A level and GCSE Students. It has questions from every major exam board, across multiple subjects, making it an excellent preparation tool. It is a handy app for students, especially for exam revision.

Download Gojimo

Download MindMeister| Study Apps for A-Level and GSCE students

The MindMeister Study App

If you’re looking to revise for exams, mind mapping tools are perfect for A-level students. They help condense and clarify complex information, clear thoughts and improve understanding and memory. Mindmeister is an easy-to-use tool that makes creating mind maps quick and easy.

It’s also a great way of organizing your notes and helps you to remember all the important points in a lecture or class. You can use it when studying for exams as well as for revision. It’s free to download, so there’s no excuse not to try it out!

Download Mindmeister

Download Evernote| Study Apps for A-Level and GSCE students


Evernote is a free note-taking app that can be very handy for A-level students. You can use it to record your lecture notes. You can also take photos of your written notes and upload them to Evernote. It can be synced across multiple devices for convenience. 

Download Evernote

Download Exam Countdown Lite| Study Apps for A-Level and GSCE students

Exam Countdown Lite

This is a great tool to keep track of upcoming exams and important dates. It comes with a simple but beautiful interface and apart from exams, you can easily use the reminder feature for many other things.

Download Exam Countdown Lite

Download Study Blue| Study Apps for A-Level and GSCE students

StudyBlue Flashcards & Quizzes

This app comes with millions of flashcards, notes, and study guides created by students and is accessible to anyone within the app. You can create your cards or draw from StudyBlue’s library of over 500 million user-generated cards.

Download StudyBlue

Download Minimalist| Study Apps for A-Level and GSCE students


which is a free to-do list and focus app. It has an extremely minimalistic and simple interface, hence the name.

The interface is designed in a way that forces you to focus on writing down the tasks you’ve set out to do.

There are no checkboxes to check off things that you’ve done. You just swipe right on the. If you tap on a task, it launches the in-app Pomodoro timer, which also has a very clean interface. You can customize the length of your Pomodoro session and the timer.

If you’re someone who enjoys simple to-do lists with no added distractions, then this app might be for you. 

Download Minimalist

Download Daylio Journal| Study Apps for A-Level and GSCE students

Daylio journal

This app is a pretty well-thought-out mood tracker that lets you reflect on your mood for the day and what activities or things you did that day.

I think this is a good way for students and anyone to establish a deeper understanding of what’s helping or harming their mental health. Over time, you will notice patterns like certain activities are tied to the worst mood. Dalio also has features that tell you what moods and activities come together often.

I like that. You can also add your activities to customize it to your life, making the entries and overall experience much more personal. 

If you want to gain insight into what could be closely tied to your mood and productivity, you should try this app.



A focus timer, similar to apps like Forrest and flora. But this time it gives you an egg that hatches, once your timer is up, you can collect a bunch of different creatures as you finish the timers. 

There’s a little bit of incentive to keep you working so you can find out what little creature is hiding inside that egg.

Since you can customize your work session, break times, daily goals, and all that jazz, it’s great for students who already have a Pomodoro strategy that works for them and want to implement it into this app. If not, this is still an excellent way to experiment with what Pomodoro setup works best for you.

It also advertises features like note-taking, but I found that the Pomodoro timer is probably the most useful feature for this. Other customization features include it, changing the color of the app. 

Download Hatch


This is an effective app that helps you stay organized. It is a must-have for every student, its unique workspace helps you organize thoughts and projects. I feel like every student needs to try this to organize their semesters.

This is essentially an all-in-one workspace for anything and everything.


Download Quizlet | Study Apps for A-Level and GCSE students


A well-known flashcard app. The reason why I love it is because of its learning function. It’s great for active recall, and the way the app makes you learn your content is very engaging and interactive.

Why are study apps Important?

The quality of your learning is essential. A study app will help you improve your recall, math, and vocabulary. These are important for multiple reasons.

  • Learning is a process. You need to learn new things. A study app helps you learn by giving you real-time access to information and data.
  • Learning is continuous. You need to learn to retain information. A study app helps you to retain information by keeping a record of your learning and giving you real-time access to information.
  • Learning is structural. You need to incorporate new information into your learning. A study app helps you to structure your learning so that you learn from developing knowledge rather than losing information.
  • Learning is qualitative. You need to analyze information and draw conclusions. A study app helps you analyze information, draw conclusions based on your learning, and give you real-time access to information.
  • Learning is quantifiable. A study app helps you report on your learning and get feedback on how you are developing the information you are learning.
  • Learning is shaped by context. You need to reflect on your learning and relevant information from different places to reflect on the information you have learned and how it is validating for you.

What is the best GCSE revision app?

Here is the list of the best apps for GCSE revision, they are also the most useful app for high school students

  • Test & Learn – GCSE Physics
    • Platform – ANDROID 
    • Device – ANDROID 
    • Cost – Free
  • ARC Maths
    • Platform – IOS | ANDROID 
    • Device – IOS | ANDROID | IPAD
    • Cost – Subscription
  • EdPlace
    • Platform – IOS | ANDROID
    • Device – IOS | ANDROID | IPAD 
    • Cost – Freemium & in-app purchase
  • GCSEPod
    • Platform – IOS | ANDROID 
    • Device – IOS | ANDROID | IPAD
    • Cost – Freemium & in-app purchase
  • BBC Bitesize
    • Platform – IOS | ANDROID 
    • Device – IOS | ANDROID | IPAD
    • Cost – Free
  • Flow – Focus & Pomodoro Timer
    • Platform – IOS 
    • Device – IOS, Mac
    • Cost – Free with in-app purchase
  • Quizlet
    • Platform – IOS | ANDROID 
    • Device – IOS | ANDROID | IPAD
    • Cost – Free
  • GCSE Maths: Super Edition
    • Platform – IOS | Android
    • Device – IOS | IPAD | ANDROID
    • Cost – Paid
  • Timetable
    • Platform – ANDROID 
    • Device – ANDROID 
    • Cost – Free

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