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One of the prestigious scholarship programs that is dedicated to fostering the personal development of young women is the St Clares Scholarship.

The St. Clare’s Scholarship aims to help young women pursue and further their education by offering scholarships to help them achieve their goals. The program offers all the resources students need to succeed academically.

Let’s get started by discussing eligibility requirements and application procedures. The second half of this post explains how you can increase your chances of winning a St Clares scholarship.

What is the St Clares Scholarship Application?

Since its inception in 1965, the St. Clare’s Scholarship has been dedicated to fostering the personal development of young women by facilitating the continuation of their education.

The purpose of the St Clares Scholarship is to provide monetary assistance to students so that they may continue to develop their leadership skills.

The College provides many opportunities for personal growth. It is important to note that the Principal bestows all scholarships in order to guarantee that all awards are legitimate.

Are You Eligible for a St. Clare’s Scholarship?

In order to qualify for funding from this program, students must be 11 or 12 years old.  This is applicable to all the listed St Clares scholarships.

The College strongly recommends that you do not submit your application without including all of the necessary supporting materials.

St Clares Scholarship types

The different types of scholarships offered by St. Clare’s are:

  1. Principal’s Scholarship
  2. Health and physical education scholarship
  3. Faith and community scholarship
  4. Arts and culture scholarship

Principal’s Scholarship

An award of the principal’s scholarship is typically given to a student (new or returning student) who, despite outstanding academic accomplishments, is not able to continue his/her education at the College due to unforeseen circumstances.

Overview of the St Clare’s Principal Scholarship

  • This scholarship covers all tuition charges, including any levies that may apply, especially for students who are in years 11 and 12.
  • This scholarship does not cover any supplemental or recurrent costs, including field trips, uniforms, or anything else of the kind.
  • The guardian or parent of the student must complete the concession documentation provided by the College, which can be obtained from the Accounts Department.
  • The student must complete this step in order to be considered for the scholarship.


Health and physical education scholarship

The college offers scholarships to students who have demonstrated exceptional talent in the field of Health and Physical Education.

Overview of the St Clare’s Principal Scholarship

  • In order to be considered for selection, applicants must demonstrate their capability of competing at an elite level in their sport and representing either the College or an external sports club.
  • This student will be expected to contribute to the organization of College sports events as well as act as a reliable representative for the institution.
  • The Student is expected to maintain good academic level while participating in a sport of their choice and pursuing a tertiary education.
  • This scholarship is designed to provide fifty percent funding for school expenses, including College Levies for Years 11 and 12, provided that the applicant maintains a satisfactory academic record throughout the program. There are some costs that this scholarship does not cover, such as field trips that cost more than $25, formal tickets, or uniforms of any kind.

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Faith and community scholarship

In order to be considered, the candidate must have been involved in the college’s religious and spiritual activities. In other words, they must not be reluctant to participate in College Masses, Year level liturgies, and reflection days, as well as mentoring junior students.

As part of the senior package, the successful applicant must also complete a major in Religion study at the tertiary level; these requirements are free of charge.

If the applicant maintains a satisfactory academic record, this scholarship pays fifty percent of the school expenses, including College Levies for Years 11 and 12. Scholarships typically do not cover additional costs like field trips, formal tickets, or uniforms, among others.

Arts and culture scholarship

A scholarship program is available to incoming students and current students who have demonstrated exceptional academic performance in Arts and Culture. In order to retain the position, candidates would need to obtain a tertiary degree in the arts and participate in college performances.

Scholarship recipients will receive fifty percent of school costs, including college levies for years 11 and 12. Field trips costing more than $25, formal tickets, and uniforms, among other things, are not covered by this scholarship.

What Do You Need To Be Considered For The St Clares Scholarship?

  • Health care coverage card.
  • Retirement pension card.
  • The Notice of Assessment of Recent Year’s Taxes.
  • Please provide all bank statements (in either the parent’s or guardian’s name) showing the balances for the past four (4) weeks.
  • If applicable, pay stubs from both parents should be presented as proof of child support payments.
  • Statement of income from the Family Assistance Office

What do you need to apply for Senior Scholarship?

  • The applicant must affirm that he or she intends to continue their education at the College through Years 11 and 12. Otherwise, the application will be refused.
  • The candidates in records are anticipated to achieve high levels of academic success.
  • Applicants must pledge to support the College’s values and to comply with its regulations.
  • you have never violated College policies or procedures.
  • When deciding whether or not to award a scholarship to the applicant, the College will consider this information.
  • It is expected that applicants will demonstrate leadership qualities and provide support to other College students.

Guidelines for submitting your application for the St. Clare’s Scholarship

To submit an application for the Scholarship, follow the steps below:

  • The College requires you to provide a portfolio detailing your past and current accomplishments, which should include the following:
    • Copies of student reports from the most recent two years of schooling
    • Your NAPLAN results, as well as the results of any other external tests or competitions you’ve participated in.
  • An essay or personal statement (300 words) describing your experience and background in your area of strength.
  • Demonstrate your involvement in ongoing school programs, including extracurricular activities.
  • Referees’ statements supporting claims.


St Clares Scholarship Application: Deadline

Applications are not accepted after the deadline, which is between March and May each year. The Scholarship application will open in 2023, so if you’re interested, you should try next year.

How to Raise Your Chances of Winning The St. Clare’s Scholarship

The selection committee will evaluate the St. Clare’s Scholarship applications and select the recipients based on the following factors:

  1. Strong Academic records
  2. Individual talents
  3. Community involvement and/or volunteer service
  4. Essay content

Our next sections will describe how to improve your scholarship chances by addressing each application component.

Academic Records 

If your poor academic performance was caused by hardship, then you can come up with a tactful way to explain the hardships or extenuating circumstances that adversely impacted your academic in one of your essays.

This will be particularly effective if you relate a hardship to what caused you to pursue your career path.

Community Involvement or Athletic performance

The strongest applicants will be those who are dedicated to service—that is, helping others. One of the ways you can also boost your chance of winning is to be involved in sports and able to take leadership positions.

Essay Content 

You are required to write a 300 word essay, here are some tips that can make your essay stand out:

Have you been inspired by something or someone in the career you are pursuing? Was there a moment you had to take a heroic risk for your community?

You have to find a unique way to share your story in your essay, and finally, have experienced editors proofread your essays before you submit them.

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