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The Hamilton County Department of Education is pleased to provide you with access to registration and attendance information for grades K-12 and current grades for grades 3-12 through the PowerSchool hcde Portal. It allows you to view all of your children’s information in one place.

Powerschool Student Login hcde

  • First, navigate to http://powerschool.hcde.org/
  • Students can log in to the portal using their username and password (obtained from the school).
  • Once logged in, students can view their grade history, teacher’s comments, and school bulletin.

hcde PowerSchool Registration Parent Portal

The access ID and password for your child (obtained from the school) are required for enrollment as a parent in the parent portal. 

For each child you have, you will need the access ID and password to attach them to your account.
Your one-time login will allow you to access all students attached to your account once you create one.

Here are the instructions for setting up your single sign-on account:

hcde powerschool signup
  • Visit http://powerschool.hcde.org/ on your browser
  • Click on the Create Account tab
  • Toward the bottom of the page, click on the Create Account button
  • Enter the following fields on the top half of the page: Parent/Guardian first and last name, and the email address of the parent or guardian. If the parents or guardians share the same email address, only one parent access account needs to be created.
  • Type in your username and password (passwords cannot contain special characters. They must be at least six characters).
  • Afterward, you must link your student’s account to this new account. Enter your student’s name, Access ID, and Password (provided by the school).
  • From the drop-down menu, select the relationship you have with the student.
  • Add any additional students.
  • Hit “ENTER” to create your account. You should now be at the portal sign‐in page.

Powerschool Parent Login hcde

  • Visit https://powerschool.hcde.org/public/home.html
  • Log in with the credentials (Username and password) you chose when you created the account.
  • Once you are logged in, you can perform the following actions:
    • Grades and Attendance: You can view assignments and scores by clicking on the blue percentage next to a class. 
    • Teachers Comments: is used to access current teacher comments for your student.
      School Bulletin: shows current announcements for your school
    • To email the teacher: click the blue teacher’s name link.
    • Returning Student Registration link is on the lower left.
  • If you have linked more than one student to your account, you will see tabs across the top with each student’s name. Click on a name to see the information for that student.
  • Add an additional student by clicking “Account Preferences” and then “Students” and then “Add.”.

FAQ PowerSchool hcde parent login

How do I login to PowerSchool?

PowerSchool gives parents and students easy access to: Click here to login into PowerSchool with the username and password you have created. If you have not created a username and password you will need to request the Access ID and Password from the school by calling (423) 423-498-7020 or send an email by clicking hcscommunications@hcde.org or newsroom@hcde.org

How do I Find my district code for PowerSchool hcde?

PowerSchool. On the District Code Help page, click or tap the blue button that reads “Search for your District”. On the Search for PowerSchool page, go to the bottom and type in powerschool.hcde.org for the PowerSchool Server Address. Click or tap Submit. The app will return to the Sign In page with the district code filled in.

How do I change hcde PowerSchool Password?

hcde student and parent sign in prompt
  • Navigate to the Hamilton County Schools Students Information System SIS.
  • Click on the forget username or password link
  • To recover password:
    • on the account recovery prompt, click on the forget password tab
    • Enter parent username and parent email and click enter to get new password
    • Now check your email for a confirmation email. Follow the prompt in the email to confirm the password change.
  • To recover Username:
    • Click on the forget username tab and enter parent email address, click okay. Follow the prompt to recover your username.

How do I use PowerSchool to track grades?

You can track grades using the PowerSchool hcde parent or student portal. You and your student should check the site together each week. Click on the “Grades” tab to track grades. You can also access PowerSchool through their mobile app.

How do I log in to the Hamilton County Schools website?

If you’re an HCS employee, your user name is your email address minus the @hcde.org (Smith_J). Your password is the same one used to log in to Outlook and/or your computer.

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