How to Study Nursing for Free | Study Nursing free in the USA

Are you interested in becoming a nurse and wondering how you can study nursing for free? Here are some tips on how to study nursing for free.

Studying nursing is expensive. However, there are many opportunities to study nursing for free. In fact, most students who study nursing do so for free.

Also, here I’ll share with you some tips on how to study nursing in the USA for free and also institutions around the world that offer free tuition for students pursuing nursing as a career.

This guide will help you fix things you should consider before dedicating time and resources to pursuing nursing academic opportunities abroad.


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Free Nursing Schools that Charge No Tuition

1. Department of Health and Care Sciences – The Arctic University of Norway (UiT)

Among the free nursing schools on our list is the Arctic University of Norway (UiT), which provides health and care sciences expertise. According to the university’s website regarding student budgets and costs of living, tuition fees are not applicable to international and local students. Those students who wish to utilize counseling services, register for classes, and take exams are required to pay an annual fee of NOK 625.

Having merged with many other outstanding Norwegian universities over the years, UiT now has six campuses in total. This university was founded in 1968, making it the northernmost university in the world.

Students who are interested in the field of health and care sciences can take advantage of degree programs offered by the department. In addition, they can take advantage of continuing education programs to develop and improve specific skills for health care professionals. Internships provide students with the opportunity to gain both academic and practical experience.


2. Department of Nursing and Management – Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

Next on this list is the Department of Nursing and Management at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. Students at this university can study in outstanding nursing programs in German for free by paying less than EUR 350 each semester for student services and student government.

The school offers five programs, three of which are bachelor’s-level, and two of which are master’s-level. The program also includes vocational training in addition to academic learning. In addition to getting an outstanding education in the theories and scientific aspects of the subject of their choice, students also receive training in healthcare and nursing.

It offers a cooperative program that has modules taught at two other nursing schools (Albertinen-Schule Academy of Nursing and Academy of Nursing and Pediatric Nursing) to train better healthcare professionals. In this way, students receive a comprehensive education and access to more resources, which helps them become better healthcare professionals.


3. Faculty of Social Sciences and Media Studies – Hochschule Bremen City University of Applied Sciences (HSB)

A free nursing school, Hochschule Bremen City University of Applied Sciences (HSB) charges only a semester fee for international students. Students from around the world are welcome to enroll in its high-quality programs. Students are expected to possess sufficient German proficiency at level C1 (CEFR) for its programs, which are largely in German with some English courses.

Despite offering one nursing program, this faculty is able to compete with other nursing schools’ programs. Providing students with academic knowledge and skills in nursing theories and skills necessary for a nursing career. This program allows them to obtain bachelor’s degrees in nursing.

In this program, students will spend a semester abroad. They have a choice of hundreds of partner institutions around the world. The program is designed to broaden students’ horizons and help them grow as individuals and professionals.


4. Department of Health Studies – University of Stavanger

A free nursing school with no tuition is the Department of Health Studies at the University of Stavanger. As mentioned, public universities offer free programs. International students will find this department particularly appealing since it offers both Norwegian and English programs, making it all the more suitable for them.

As of 2019, it was ranked #3 in Norway for its research publications per academic staff. This public university was established in 2005, and it produces an impressive amount of research. This university’s department of Health Studies offers unique programs not available elsewhere in the Nordic countries. 

In addition to providing prehospital care providers with academic training so that they can critically evaluate their field of study, the master’s program in prehospital critical care is also the only international degree in this field. As a department that emphasizes both academic excellence and real-life practice, students of nursing will certainly find this a great choice.


5. Faculty of Health and Sports Sciences – University of Adger

Among the free nursing schools on this list is the University of Adger’s Faculty of Health and Sports Sciences. Norway is a popular nursing destination due to its high standard of living and high demand for nurses and care workers. Nurses with nursing degrees have plenty of job opportunities after graduation, and the education provided here is excellent.

In Norway, public universities offer free education. Only semester fees are charged, which are used to cover public transportation discounts and student association expenses.

This faculty’s primary language is Norwegian, but some courses are taught in English. Campus-based studies prepare students to understand theories and apply them in a real-life setting. In addition to offering high-quality education for students seeking careers in nursing, the faculty also trains healthcare professionals in advanced practice in 19 programs at the bachelor’s and master’s levels.


How to Study Nursing For free in the US

The cost of studying to be a nurse in the United States is estimated to be around $76,000. Besides tuition, students or anyone hoping to study nursing will also have to pay for supplies, books, and living expenses. There are several types of nursing degrees to choose from, and the costs vary depending on the degree.

Here are opportunities that can help you fulfill your nursing ambition in the USA:

  • A Nurse I am Scholarship by Cherokee Uniforms – Up to ten scholarships worth $2000 each will be awarded to nursing students.
  • American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) – Scholarships are available for continuing professional development (CPD) to assist members in acquiring knowledge and skills beyond traditional academic nursing education. A limited number of scholarships will continue to be offered for academic courses that are specific to nursing.
  • Cascade Healthcare Solutions Nurses Make a Difference Scholarship – A $1,000 scholarship is awarded each year to an aspiring nurse currently enrolled in (or accepted into) an undergraduate nursing program. The applicant must be a US citizen or hold a valid student visa.  
  • Delta State University – There are a number of scholarships available to study at the Robert E. Smith School of Nursing.
  • Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing – The university offers a range of merit-based funding opportunities for MSN and DNP programs, ranging from US$7,500 to full tuition. Except for the Fuld Fellowship in Patient Care Quality and Safety, there is no application process.
  • Johnson & Johnson Discover Nursing Scholarships Database – Browse over 340 nursing scholarships in the U.S. by state, study level, and requirements using this handy tool.
  • National Black Nurses Association (NBNA) – Scholarships are awarded to members of NBNA or local chapters who are enrolled in an undergraduate nursing program and have at least one full year remaining of their studies. Awards range from $1,000 to $6,000.
  • Northern Illinois University – A variety of scholarships are available for nursing students. Only students admitted to the nursing program are eligible for these awards.
  • NURSE Corps Scholarship Program – This program provides funding to students enrolled in a diploma, associate, baccalaureate, or graduate nursing program in exchange for their employment at an eligible NURSE Corps site upon graduation. This program provides tuition, fees, and other educational expenses. The applicant must be an American citizen, a national, or a lawful permanent resident of the United States.
  • University of Washington School of Nursing – Nursing students at the University of Washington can apply for a wide range of fellowships and awards.

Cost of Studying Nursing In USA for International Students

The cost of nursing school is extensive. For example, tuition fees for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) can range from $40,000 to well over $100,000 annually, depending on whether the institution is private or large. This degree typically takes four years to complete. You need to also factor in the cost of processing your Visa and travel expenses.

Requirements to Study Nursing In USA for International Students

When applying for a Nursing degree abroad, you may run into grade requirements that differ depending on how highly ranked the university is. Here are a few grade requirements you may see abroad:

  • GPA: 3 or higher on the US 4.0 grading scale
  • A level: AAB – ABB
  • IB: 34 points with 655 at HL
  • SQA Highers: ABBB by end of S5 or AABB/ABBB by end of S6. BBB must be achieved in one year of S4-S6
  • ATAR: 71 or higher
  • 104-112 points to include 2 A levels, or equivalent, with 32 points from a Science or Social Science subject
  • A “B” average or better in secondary school

English language requirements

  • IELTS: a score of 6.5 to 7 or above, with at least 6.5 in the writing section and at least 7 in the reading, listening and speaking sections
  • TOEFL iBT: a score of 75 to 90 or above, with possible minimum scores for the separate sections as well
  • PTE Academic: a score of 44 to 61 and above
  • Cambridge English C1 Advanced (formerly CAE) or Cambridge English C2 Proficiency (formerly CPE): a score of around 176 or above

How Much is a 4 Year Nursing Degree

According to U.S. News for the 2020-2021 school year, approximately $9,687 in tuition costs for a four-year public school, and $35,087 in tuition costs for a four-year private school.

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