10 Useless Degrees in Nigeria

We regard a degree that serves no purpose as one of the useless degrees in Nigeria. It doesn’t get you a job; it cannot be applied to where you live.

Thousands of university students are tricked into studying unmarketable courses and degrees every year.

Is it because they are passionate about the course?

Passion isn’t worth anything when it comes to your debt history because you can be passionate about studying history but not proud of your debt history.

What sense will it make to follow a passion and end up living in debt monthly? Your passion should be placed where there are job opportunities; your passion should be placed where money is to be made.

Let’s take a look at the most useless degrees and courses in Nigeria


1. Library science

Sometimes referred to as information studies. This field focuses on classifying and using data or objects and emphasizes the importance of preserving knowledge and promoting literacy.

Getting a job as a fresh graduate of library science in Nigeria is as hard as a camel passing through the eyes of a needle! 

How many public libraries are working in the country? Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities?

Of course, the role of a library science graduate is not limited to the library, but where are the jobs? In my opinion, this is one of the worst courses to study because the possibility of getting a job as a fresh graduate in the workforce is nothing to write home about.

2. Adult Education

Why would you spend 4 years of your life in school studying adult education? 4 years! Career opportunities are limited to adult educators. 

If you wanna become a private school owner, it might make sense, but we’re talking about a fresh graduate going out there to get a job? You might end up as a nursery school teacher all your life.

3. Zoology

So you want to work in the zoo? Right? 

This is one of the courses your lecturer will deceive you that you can work anywhere. 


Sometimes the country’s hardship can get into our heads, but we’re not animals so, you can’t work anywhere. Zoology is one of the useless degrees in Nigeria.

It is better to start a poultry farm and rear chickens; at least that’s your mini zoo!

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4. Microbiology

This is a high-demand discipline meant to produce highly skilled problem-solving individuals in the scientific community. 

Microbiology degree holders are in high demand in the rest of the world, but in Nigeria, the case is different.


Inadequate proper training.

In my circle of friends, many of them studied microbiology in school. One complaint they often voiced is that microbiology in Nigerian schools consists mainly of theory and more theory.

A major challenge in Nigeria is the shortage of experts to teach future microbiologists, which means a low lecturer-to-student ratio, which leads to poor supervision of students during lectures and practical sessions.

The Nigerian government doesn’t prioritize spending on science and education in general.

The budgets of government institutions such as the National Assembly and House of Assembly have grown significantly over the years. However, science and technology institutions have not seen a similar increase.

According to an article published by The Guardian regarding the Nigerian budget for education 2022, only 7.9 percent is allocated to education out of the N16.39 trillion appropriation bill presented to the National Assembly.

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) recommends that developing nations allocate up to 26 percent of their annual budgets to public education; Nigeria allocates less than 10 percent.

In 2016, of the N6.06 trillion total budget, N369 6.7 percent was allocated to public education in the country. 

In 2017, N550 billion or 7.38 percent of the N7.29 trillion budget was allocated to education, while in 2018, N605.8 billion or 7.04 percent of the N9.2 trillion budget was allocated to education.

In 2019, N620 billion or 7.05 percent was allocated to education out of N8.92 trillion, in 2020, N671.07billion, or 6.7 percent, was given to education out of N10.33 trillion. 

Last year – 2021, N742.5billion or 5.6 percent was allocated to education out of a budget proposal of N13.6 trillion. On the other hand, according to reports by the World Bank, Ghana allocated 23.81 percent of its national budget to education in 2015, 22.09 percent in 2016, 20.1 percent in 2017, and 18.6 percent in 2018.

Little wonder why Nigerians are seeking opportunities to study abroad. We are helpless in the face of epidemic and covid out-break because the people the nation could have turned to have little to no practical experience in the laboratory. 

After graduation, the best job you can get here is working as a lab attendant who only performs staphylococcus and syphilis tests. 

It is no surprise to find a microbiologist working in the financial banking sector in Nigeria.

5. Computer Science

Why is computer science on the list of useless degrees in Nigeria?

On the surface, a computer science degree sounds appealing, but the curriculum at most Nigerian universities is outdated.

Computer science degree holders are often incapable of coding a simple web page or solving simple algorithms after graduation because the school is only interested in selling handouts and textbooks instead of allowing students to learn through intensive practicals.

Some students major in computer science hoping to work in software development, information technology, or cybersecurity, but the advent of Bootcamps and self-taught developers has set the competition for Jobs so high that one begins to question the need for a degree.

A self-taught developer or Bootcamp graduate has over time proven to be better in the market space than the average computer science degree holder in Nigeria.

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6. Sociology

Sociologists study human behavior, social relations, and society. They also learn how people interact with each other. They try to understand why people behave as they do. The relationship between individuals and groups. 

They study the consequences of social changes. The big question is, is it really worth spending 4 years in the university for this…in Nigeria?

Many people jump into getting a sociology degree because they think it will help them in their future career, getting a job in a corporate or government entity, but what are the job opportunities available in Nigeria for a sociologist? 

It’s a joke! 

7. Theatre Arts

Why do you need to go to school to study theatre art in 2022? 


All you need is a good camera phone, a ring light, and some makeup. Gather your wigs together and start performing in front of your camera. Post the videos on all social media platforms consistently for 1 year. 

If you can do it consistently for 1 year, you’ll end up building an audience online. 

The audience is key! 

When you’ve got the audience, you’ve got data that produces money. Sitting in front of your ring light making videos is better than sitting in a classroom for 4 years because a youtube or TV celebrity is more important to the media sector than a theatre art degree holder.

8. Psychology

Psychology focuses on mental processes and behavior. 

Both Psychology and Sociology are in the same boat, similar in many ways. Both fields attempt to understand human behavior.

Who are you trying to understand? In this country? You should use your money and time wisely, in my opinion, this is a useless degree in Nigeria. I will share the most useful degrees in my next article.

8. Physiology

Anything that ends with “logy”, you should consider staying away from them (laughs). Seriously if you are so passionate about the “logy-gang”, all you need to do is JAPA (travel overseas). You need to leave the country to obodo oyibo. Yeah, over there, you stand a chance to make good use of these degrees. Over here, SAPA (hunger/poverty) will become your friend because in my opinion, Physiology is one of the useless degrees in Nigeria.

9. Geology

Geology is the study of the Earth. Geologists study how the Earth works today and in the past. Basically, geology takes math, physics, chemistry, and biology ideas and applies them to the Earth. Yeah, So should you study Geology in Nigeria? 

Stay away from anything “logy” – laughs. 

10. Political Science

Politics runs everything in Africa and the rest of the world. Political science in school is different from the politics played out in Nigeria. 


They say that the youths are the leaders of tomorrow. In reality, there’s no tomorrow. Our fathers and grandfathers are the ones running the government. They do not retire; they switch political parties.

The best way to enter the political scene is not through a degree because a degree in political science is useless in the political scene.

Instead of spending 4 years for a degree, take money equivalent to a semester’s fee and lobby to become a PA (Personal Assistant) to the PA of the PA to a commissioner or a local government chairman or governor.

This is one of the least and sure ways to enter into politics.

A PA (Personal Assistant) of any political office holder in Africa understands practical political science more than a fresh university graduate…yeah…because when the God-father looks at a blue cloth and says it’s red, the PA confirms that it’s red. They’ll go ahead and share money with everyone just to make sure it is indeed red!


I can go on and on, courses like Anthropology and Archeology, History, and many others not mentioned on the list in my opinion, are useless degrees in Nigeria one should be very careful before going after them. 

In the end, the market space determines if sapa (hunger/poverty) will be your friend. Consider checking out the list of useful courses in Nigeria.

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